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    Xille Guest

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    I was wondering if there is a way to query an existing recordset. There should be a way to do this without inserting the results from the 1st recordset into a new database and then querying this new database.<BR><BR>something like this<BR>ex: rec2 = "select field1 from rec1 where field2 = &#039;x&#039; "

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    Default Cute idea...

    ...but SQL is executed in the DB engine, and the RecordSet is simply a collection that exists in ADODB. The database has no knowledge of the RecordSet (it didn&#039;t create it, it doesn&#039;t know what it looks like, it doesn&#039;t even know it exists).<BR><BR>So...no.<BR><BR>You *might* be able to do some of what you want using the FILTER property of ADODB.RecordSet. That doesn&#039;t create a new RS, but it does change your view of the contents of the existing one. And then you can go back to viewing the entire RS by chaning the filter to nothing.<BR><BR>See the ADODB.Recordset docs for more.<BR><BR>

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    Xille Guest

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    Thanks,<BR><BR>Actually the rs.filter property allowed me to access specific records from an existing recordset.<BR><BR>Xille

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