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    I need to know if there is a way to "draw" in asp. I am trying to set up a page were persons fill out a form and "Sign" (using thier mouse pointer like in MS Paintbrush) in a provided blank/box. Is this possible in asp...if not, is it possible in any other web format. Thanks for any help.

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    Default This is strictly a browser issue...

    You&#039;ll have to find some browser "plugin" (for MSIE, an ActiveX control; for NS, preferably a Java control) that allows this.<BR><BR>It must be done 100% in the browser, on the client machine. <BR><BR>Once that is done, and the image of the signature is converted to some graphics format, then sending the resulting image to ASP or to any other server technology will be essentially the same.<BR><BR>Now a question: Have *YOU* ever tried to sign your name with a mouse? Give it a shot. And then give up the idea, I think.<BR><BR>

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