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    Rick Lo Guest

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    What options do I have in providing the user a general search of a moderately-sized site? Do I use the FileSystemObject to search files for a string? Or should I index a site in a database then query that?

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Your answer depends on how much time you&#039;re willing to invest in making this application.<BR><BR>4guys has an article on how they search this site... if you&#039;re looking for better performance, you&#039;re going to have to invest more time.<BR><BR>I did this for our Intranet, here&#039;s the results:<BR><BR>Search through 9500 ASP/HTML files, parse them out, and write to a db each word and count, along with URL.<BR><BR>VB/FSO time: 49 minutes<BR>Java time: 20 minutes<BR><BR>SQL Server indexed 280,000 records.<BR> Using = to word: &#062; 2 seconds<BR> Using Like %toword%: 6 seconds<BR><BR><BR>You got more time, you got more to work with.

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    ooffduty Guest

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    Why re-write the book, use MS Index Server it&#039;s fast, indexes in real-time, understands office docs and best of all is free.

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