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    prem Guest

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    Q1:how can i show an image map in netscape<BR>Q2:Does it support jpeg<BR><BR>if not--&#062;what is the alternative<BR>

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    ...there is no difference between NS and MSIE in basic image map capabilities. I know my son uses one on his site and it works on both.<BR><BR>

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    This may be a crosspost, check a similar message with an answer in the Advanced ASP area.

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    Sunny Guest

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    Thanks Bill, <BR> As you said your son was able to make image map work on both i tried to find out the problem. The problem was that netscape was not showing JPEG&#039;s and BMP&#039;s. so i changed all the images to gif&#039;s and it worked fine. Images r not that clear still working.<BR>Thanks BIll....really appreciate that

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