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    KH Guest

    Default No activity on database board so reposting here...

    Please don&#039;t flame me for crossposting. Had I know the database message board was so inactive, I would not have posted there...<BR>Anyway,<BR>I have a SQL Server table that I want to export from one SQL Server database to another SQL Server database. I&#039;m getting an error on a specific row:<BR>Invalid Character value for cast specification. The tables are identical (both field names and datatypes). <BR>Question 1) What does this error mean? <BR>The database has 55 million records so I can&#039;t get to the row that is causing the error because my system runs out of memory with such a large result set when I use Go To Row command <BR>2) How can I import in smaller chunks? I don&#039;t know how to do this!! I assumed using a query and writing a SQL statement but I don&#039;t know how I would write this. <BR>Any help appreciated. <BR>

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    who knows Guest

    Default on you, too

    barf on you

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    KH Guest

    Default Input desired only from those with IQ's above


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    Default RE: No activity on database board so reposting her

    Hmm<BR><BR>not sure on the error,<BR><BR>but are you trying to do this through asp with sql server?<BR>or sql server on its own.? <BR><BR>Then i might be able to help.<BR>Else has something on selecting top x records.

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    whoknows Guest

    Default maybe this will help

    I am not too sure how to do that myself, but maybe you could just write an ASP page that will update smaller chunks of records from one DB to another? 55 million records is a lot, so maybe pulling 100 - 500 at a time into a recordset and update to other DB...Hope this helps...if not...barf on you :)

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    KH Guest

    Default Oops...

    Sorry for not specifying. That makes a huge difference. I&#039;m working directly in Enterprise Manager in SQL Server.

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    Go to <BR><BR>and post in the developer forum<BR><BR>shouldn&#039;t send you away but there is real dba&#039;s in there.<BR><BR>might have better luck

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    KH Guest

    Default Thanks..I appreciate the resource.


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