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    Ashram Guest

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    How do I manipulate mouse movements in ASP.<BR>I&#039m talking about controlling the mouse, not onmouseover etc.<BR>e.g..making it jump to the default button etc. on my web page

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    ASP is server side....<BR><BR>Thus, I don&#039t think you can do it in ASP, maybe Javascript.<BR><BR>Jerry

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    omc Guest

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    It isn&#039t really manipulating the mouse, but the focus.<BR><BR>If you want the cursor to be in a certain form field when the page is loaded put in the body tag:<BR>onLoad="document.formName.FieldName.focus( )"<BR><BR>To control the order of fields in the form MSIE 4.0+ supports tabindex="1", tabindex="2", tabindex="3". I&#039m sure there is javascript to do that too, but I haven&#039t used it.<BR>

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