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    I''m creating a room booking system. I have a calendar which passes the selected date into the sql statement ie MYSQL = "SELECT * FROM mrbs WHERE BDate = #" & dtdate & "#" I can view the details for a specific date. What I am trying to do is have a static table with seven headings, Time, Meeting Room 1, Meeting Room 2.etc......Time. With 08:00 - 19:00 down the sides in rows. I want to be able to populate the table with the correct time based data from the database and leave fields blank that do not have any data associated. I have tried long winded IF statements, stored procedures etc but the same thing happens. I set the <%While not RS.EOF%> and at the bottom of the table <%RS.MoveNext Wend %> but this just repeats the table again or not at all. HOW CAN I HAVE A TABLE AND THE CELLS (BASED ON THE DATE AND TIME CRITERIA) FILLED FROM THE DATABASE WITHOUT THE TABLE REPEATING ITSELF?? PLEASE HELP

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    You shouldn&#039;t create the entire table structure, just the row or cells that would contain your titles and a single record and then the row will be repeated/created based on the contents filling it from the database. Make sure you put your Do Loop after anything that shouldn&#039;t get repeated ie. the titles.<BR><BR>

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    I&#039;m creating a room bboking system so the users need to be able to view "free rooms and time slots".

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