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Thread: HREF=AnyFile.asp?name=<%rec.Fields("aName")%&

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    wm Guest

    Default HREF=AnyFile.asp?name=<%rec.Fields("aName")%&

    I would like to ask, about the case, when the rec.Files("aName") is two WORDS, the data that pass to the next page AnyFile.asp contain only the first word of the two that I have.<BR>Anyone know how to solve it?<BR>Thanks in advance

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    G Waddell Guest

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    I had this problem on a form submission. I got round it by replacing the " " with a "_" and then changing it back at the other end :)

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    Ryan S. Guest

    Default RE: HREF=AnyFile.asp?name=<%rec.Fields(

    Did you try doing something like the following?<BR><BR>strName = Server.UrlEncode(rec.Fields("aName")<BR>HREF=AnyFi le.asp?name=&#060;%=strName%&#062;

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