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    Kunal Guest

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    Friends can anyone help me out.<BR>Is it possible to encrypt the asp files and then publish on the webserver so that no one can see the source code and when the file is retrieved it is first decrypted and then interpreted and after execution it is again encyrpted. is it possible........if yes pls. reply back. I have seen the asp encrypt component but it makes a new file and then decrypt the new file into anothere file it didnt solve my purpose if any one has idea pls help me out..<BR>

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    CousinIT Guest

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    why do ppl want to encrypt there web code so ppl cam&#039;t read it. The web is a great place for the free exchange of ideas, including code. I for one learnt by looking at the source of things i liked and figuring out how it worked.<BR><BR>I believe source code should be free for all to see. Please dont encrypt code!

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    New ASP Guest

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    Compile most of your code into components by using VB, VC or Delphi.

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