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    Raleigh Guest

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    I have 2 forms that I need to submit to a total materials sheet. One form allows the user to select (lets say Cars) and then a load accessory window which brings up accessories. Now I want this accessory window made up of about 10 text boxes to submit its values to the parent form so that I may submit all parent form values to the materials sheet form. <BR><BR>Is there a good way to do this using the standard Javascript popup window - I&#039;d like to close the window upon submission, if possible.<BR><BR>Thanks -<BR>

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    Bill H. Guest

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    Function popup(theWindow)<BR>{<BR>var calWindow;<BR>calWindow = theWindow;<BR><BR>...dostuff<BR><BR>calWindow.form .stuff = variables<BR><BR>window.close<BR><BR>}<BR><BR>&#06 0;a href="wherever.html" onclick="popup(window.document)";&#062;<BR><BR>Get it? You can pass your calling window to the function and use that function to open the window, get your information, and pass that info back to the calling;ll just have set up input form fields to hold the data. The code isn&#039;t perfect but it should get you started.<BR>

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