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    Lin Guest

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    Do I have to use ASP if I want a link to open a new window and dispaly another website???<BR><BR>What if I don&#039;t want another window to open up entirely but I just want part of my website to display the other website while still showing the original links on my site. I don&#039;t know how to reference the other site so it opens up within a table on the original site.<BR><BR>Again, I&#039;m not sure if this all ASP or not. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks

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    Bill H. Guest

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    Opening up a new window is Javascript. It&#039;s called the event. Part of the website showing another website is using frames. There&#039;s references all over the web.

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    NPKumar Guest

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    For your first question the answer is <BR>No.You can do it by simple html tag.<BR>The syntax is <BR>&#060;a href="" target="_blank"&#062;;/A&#062;<BR>or if you are accessing the mail address from database with <BR>the field name as website the syntax is:<BR>&#060;a href="&#060;%=Rs("website")%&#062;" target="_blank"&#062;&#060;%=Rs("website")%&#062;& #060;/A&#062;<BR><BR>And for your second question the answer is:<BR>Divide into two frames and mention the target as the second one.<BR><BR>

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