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    Hi<BR><BR>Having several tasks that update records on my database (Content management) such as deleted old records for example but these functions are only executed whenever a user modifies or adds a new or existing article.<BR><BR>I did read something about getting a VBScript to load up the browser on the Server but is there no better way to do this without having to use the server browser ?<BR><BR>Global.asa vbscript ? If so what would fire it up etc, is there any documentation on this subject to get me started, I searched 4guys but found only automated mail (server browser) solutions.<BR><BR>TIA

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    This came up a few days ago, you can use Microsoft WSCRIPT.EXE to run your asp&#039;s from the command line or in your case you could use stored procedures and schedule them to run in SQL Server (if you are using sql server that is).

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