Sorry to bother you.<BR><BR>I built a Component run at MTS which can be called from ASP.It<BR>is very successful on my own machine,but I can&#039;t install it to another machine?<BR><BR>Both computers are WIN2000 Advanced Server.The error description is ---<BR>"Runtime Error &#039;-2147467238 (8000401a)&#039;: Automation Error The server process<BR>could not be started because thh configured identity is incorrect. Check the<BR>username and password. "<BR><BR>I tried two methods to install the COM.<BR><BR>1. I created a MSI file from machine A,the computer can run the COM<BR>correctly.I copied the MSI file to the machine B,double clicked the file,and<BR>the file installed correctly.I opened the Component Service,the COM appeared<BR>that.But when I selected [Run],the error raised.<BR>2. I copied the DLL file to machine B,created a new Application and<BR>installed the DLL file to the application.All properties are same.But the<BR>same error still raised.<BR><BR>So,I went to Microsoft for help,and I find the message from there:<BR><BR>But the message is unuseful.<BR><BR>The different is :<BR>1. Machine A is FAT32,machine B is NTFS.But I do copy the component file to<BR>a folder which can be read and writed.<BR>2. Machine A installed MSMQ.But I don&#039;t think it&#039;s a problem,&#039;cause I didn&#039;t<BR>select MSMQ for the component.<BR><BR>I really need help.<BR>Thanks all!<BR><BR>Sowen Cheung