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    Hi,<BR><BR>Whenever I send the next string "page.asp?code=PVP + IVA"<BR>and I do a request.form("code") I get "PVP IVA"<BR>The "+" sign isn´t there!<BR>What could happen?<BR>Althought if I see in the URL bar I see page.asp?code=PVP%20+%20IVA so it does send it!<BR><BR>Anybody has any idea?

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    When passing variables in querys string they are URL encoded and therefore automatically separated by a "+" sign... If you&#039;d still however for some reason want it displayed in URL encoded format use Server.URLEncode(yourString)<BR>(A)

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    The reason is that "+" will stand instead of space if you are using ASP.So <BR><BR><BR>first.asp<BR>&#060;%response.redirec t "page.asp?code=PVP + IVA"%&#062;<BR>page.asp<BR>--------<BR>&#060;%response.write("code"&request.querystri ng("code"))%&#062;<BR><BR><BR>In address bar it will sho<BR>http://cyberserver/newsnshop/ceema/messenger/page.asp?code=PVP%20+%20IVA<BR><BR>and the value for code is PVA IVA<BR><BR>But if you are using<BR><BR>first.asp<BR>&#060;%response.redirect "page.asp?code=PVP+IVA"%&#062;.....&#062;there is no space in between<BR>page.asp<BR>--------<BR>&#060;%response.write("code"&request.querystri ng("code"))%&#062;<BR><BR><BR>result will be PVA IVA<BR><BR><BR>If you are using &#039;-&#039; or something else instea of plus then it will get displayed<BR>

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