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    Hi <BR>I have seen in many sites which send weekly emails about the different categories which the user has selected.That is if a user &#039;A&#039; has selected say 7 categories he will get an email listing those 7 categories & another user &#039;B&#039; has chosen 10 categories he will get an email listing those 10 categories & so on the email for different users will be different depending on their choice of categories.<BR>All this will be picked up from the database table alright.<BR>Now what I wanta know is that how is the email program written so as to match the above,ie how does the body of the email get different for a diffrent user and also how do I fire the email given that I have about 5000 users email in my database table.I will be most probably using the smtpsvgMailer or the persits email component.<BR>Please could anyone tell me the script for these 2 programs.<BR>Thanx.

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    if you&#039;re using an nt server then i would use cdonts<BR><BR>get the email from the database by looping through your contact( people ) table with a recordset <BR><BR>each time you go through the loop you will be sending an email <BR>you will be able to build the salutation from the persons name in the table and also create a message based on there interests with a series of if statements or a select statement<BR><BR>check <BR><BR><BR>for a good tutorial and scripts on cdonts and looping through <BR>recordsets.<BR><BR>hope this helps

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