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    I have a web-site on a remote hosting server. I need ot be able to use ASP to access a database. What is the best database to use in this case. I guess it needs to be one that doesn&#039;t need to be installed since it will be remote.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    Microsoft Access is good for this since you just need to transfer the .mdb file up there. If you use this method then I suggest not using a DSN since some web companies will alter file paths and do not support updating DSN entries all the time. DSNLess connections work great with this type of remote database solution.<BR><BR>You can also create a delemited text file to act as a database. This is actually a very powerful method but you must make sure the the IUSER web account has write permissions to alter the file. <BR><BR>I beleieve Mysql is another option that does not require a install but I cannot be sure on this one, I would suggest looking into this solution.<BR><BR>Either way, ask the remove web server what types of databases it offers and what types it supports at this time. Its always a good idea to develop in a platform familar to the web hosting support personel, you never know when something might happen and they have to work with the file.

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