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    Hi,<BR>We have to develop a project in asp with Oracle as backednd.We heard that there will be compatibility problems.What problems we will face if we have oracle as backend..<BR>Any help pls<BR>thanks<BR>ravi

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    I don&#039;t quite understand what you mean when you say compatability problems, but the sort of thing that you will need to watch out for are things like Oracle(8i and below) doesn&#039;t allow for the retrieval of an ADO recordset from a stored procedure so you must create an Oracle package to perform this function, you should be able to find this information in MSDN. Date formatting and the PL/SQL is also slightly different, these are also well documented. You&#039;ll also find that Oracle offers no pretty front end like SQL Server 7.0 so you&#039;ll have to get your hands dirty writing code to create your tables etc..., but hey who cares Oracle is the best database available and as a bonus you won&#039;t need to go looking for service packs to fix 300 bugs like you tend to have to do for SQL Server.

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