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    Rob Guest

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    Hello, <BR><BR>I&#039;ve read articles that say the only way connection pooling truly works (ie, reusing existing connections) with ASP&#039;s that use Stored Procedures, is by using Microsoft&#039;s Transaction Server (MTS) inside the ASP. <BR><BR>1) Is that a true statement? <BR><BR>2) I&#039;ve searched long and hard on the web (and this site) but I can&#039;t find any EXAMPLES as to how to call MTS inside your ASP when using stored procedures. I would think this would be a very important topic, but nobody seems to discuss it much. <BR><BR>Any help with examples, advice, opinions would be appreciated. Rob <BR><BR>PS...This may be an idea for a 4guysfromrolla article?!?!

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    Mr. Bigglesworth Guest

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    I&#039;ve never heard of that in my life.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s my understanding of MTS.<BR><BR>MTS has many useful built in features and interfaces you can use for your COM components. <BR><BR>Connection pooling only truly occurs w/ components written in even VB COM cannot be pooled in MTS (COM+).

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    Rob Guest

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    Check out the "Implement database connection pooling" section on<BR><BR>Thanks, Rob

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