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    Nathan Masek Guest

    Default Form Problem -- Any Ideas?

    I asked this question a couple of hours ago but I want to further explain it and see if anyone has any ideas.<BR><BR>I need to have a form where a user can select a manufacturer. Once the user selects the manufacturer other fields on the form will be filled with the pertanent information.<BR>This info will come from table that will be called according to the manufacturer chosen --- "SELECT * FROM table WHERE Manu = &#039;" & Request.Form("Manu") & "&#039;"<BR>Then the user will be able to submit those fields filled in along with other form fields into a database.<BR><BR>Is this possible with ASP? Is this possible with Javascript?<BR>Is this possible?<BR><BR>If so, how? Can anyone help me please. I know ASP but I don&#039;t realy know javascript.<BR><BR>- Thanks<BR>- Nathan Masek

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    Default I really do not understand

    &nbsp;<BR><BR>Seems like a simple select from the Db based on an Id and pupolate<BR><BR>just submit the page to itself ahd then select form the DB based in the ID selected and display<BR><BR>or am i holding the wrong end of the stick

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    Nathan Masek Guest

    Default Sounds right

    Sounds right ... but then how do I get the ENTIRE form to submit to a database?

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    A Guest

    Default huh??

    just submit the form to the same page or even another page and then select from the DB...the second time if you wnat to submit again set a diff action<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Sounds right

    By default, the entire form *always* submits to the next page.<BR><BR>Then it&#039;s just a matter of your capturing the values and putting them into the right DB fields.<BR><BR>I think your bigger problems are (a) preventing anybody from entering data into the form *until* a manufacturer is chosen and (b) preventing anybody from inadvertently changing the manufacturer (by selecting another one from the list) after he/she has started filling in the form.<BR><BR>*I* think you&#039;d be better off to put the dropdown list on one page and the form on another. Don&#039;t try to mix two pages that really have different purposes. If the user *really* wants to change manufacturer, let him/her hit the browser back button or, perhaps, some special button on the form that gives a warning "You are about to lose all entries you have made on this form" or some such.<BR><BR>But this is, really, human interface design. If that&#039;s not your specialty, ask somebody for whom it is.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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