Ok, so IIS uses IUSR_machinename whenever it needs a user context. (by default, anyway)<BR><BR>Now, if have two virtual webs, lets call them A & B. Web A is my main site, web B will be an archiving mechanism (asp pages) that saves the files on another server.<BR><BR>So, I create two users to replace the normal IUSR_machinename. One, WebUserA is for the main site. While WebUserB is the &#039;archiving&#039; user. I assign these users to the appropriate virtual web.<BR><BR>Now, here&#039;s the question (finally ;P)<BR><BR>Let&#039;s say a page in Web A redirects (or somehow calls) another page in Web B (to do some archiving and save to another server).<BR><BR>What user will IIS use for impersonation? <BR><BR>Is it WebUserA who is &#039;making&#039; the request to Web B or is it WebUserB, which is designated as the impersonation user for Web B.