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    alena Guest

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    Hi, Is anyone can help with providing step by step instructions on "How to Register my VB/COM on our WebServer"?<BR>I created/tested on my PC VB/COM and now want to Run it from the ASP application. Because it&#039;s my first COM, I&#039;m not sure what to do if I would not have a permission to register it on our webserver. Would you please help me?

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    to register a com all you have to do is type<BR><BR>just place your com on the machine somewhere, then go to <BR><BR>start -&#062; run and type<BR><BR>regsvr32 "c:com pathyourcom.dll" <BR><BR>and that will register it

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    alena Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>I registered it under MTS by draging/droping my DLL into the components window from the Explorer and can not understand why I have this mistake. Please, HELP!! My DLL is just one function which I placed in the VB class module. <BR><BR>oWebLog error &#039;800a01ae&#039; <BR><BR>Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface <BR><BR>

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