If I code the following in the VS.Net IDE, I can preview it in the &#039;design&#039; mode:<BR><BR>&lt;asp:table id=xxx runat=server&gt;<BR> &lt;asp:tablerow&gt;<BR> &lt;asp:tablecell&gt;<BR> Hello<BR> &lt;/asp:tablecell&gt;<BR> &lt;/asp:tablerow&gt;<BR>&lt;/asp:table&gt;<BR><BR>but if I put a &#039;runat=server&#039; anywhere else (either in asp: tags or my own user control&#039;s tag) - like this<BR><BR>&lt;asp:table id=xxx runat=server&gt;<BR> &lt;asp:tablerow runat=server&gt;<BR> &lt;asp:tablecell&gt;<BR> Hello<BR> &lt;/asp:tablecell&gt;<BR> &lt;/asp:tablerow&gt;<BR>&lt;/asp:table&gt;<BR><BR>I get an error in design mode that says &#039;error creating web control&#039; in the design window. The page seems to render OK in either case in a browser, but the ide is saying that something&#039;s wrong. Is it that I don&#039;t know how to use the asp:table tag (I haven&#039;t found documentation covering this) or is it a bug?