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    I have some conditional validation I need to do on a page and I'm not having much success. I have the following textbox that draws it's value if the user clicks on a value displayed from a text file in a list next to it. If the user puts a vale in that field the I need to require that they also put a value in the drop down under it. I want this validation to occur on submit. I know this should be simple but the way I've got it it's not validating using javascript. I've never done validation in asp using vb and would like to learn. Is there a tutorial or an example I can learn from. I did look at the Vb script reference link on the left but didn't see validation covered. Is it best to stick to javascript?

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    Dg,<BR><BR>well, javascript is a nicer tool for smooth form validation, but when it comes down to it, server side vbs is easier to get right in browsers, but naturally loses the flavor of smoothness.<BR><BR>what are you validating again,<BR><BR>the len function inStr , isNull,isNumeric,....<BR>there all in the reference.

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