Inserting a row to a table.

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Thread: Inserting a row to a table.

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    Default Inserting a row to a table.

    I want to insert a row to a table that has 30 columns. If I want to use recordsets what is the sql behind the recordset. It is difficult to build the string of the sql for the command object.

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    &nbsp;<BR><BR>Quite simple<BR>I use functions for the connection obj but<BR><BR>Create Connection<BR>open connection<BR>sql = "Insert into Tablename (colname,colname,colname...)"<BR> sql = sql & " Values (&#039;"& strvar &"&#039;,"& numericvar &",...)"<BR><BR>then connection.execute(sql)<BR><BR>destroy connection<BR><BR>Thats it.

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