force an NTFS login with Response.Redirect

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Thread: force an NTFS login with Response.Redirect

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    I'm creating a login page that authenticates logins and passwords. To be able to enter the site besides the authentication, I need an NTFS login as well because my virtual directory is set as basic authentication. I need to pass the NTFS username and password while doing the login validation and redirect them to another page. On my Response.Redirect line, it has the full http path and I'm passing the NTFS username and password (ex. http://username:password@server_name/virtual_directory/asp_page).It seems to pass the username and password if it was hardcoded in the url but not using response.redirect. Is my syntax correct for the http request? Are there other ways to pass the NTFS username and password without the users having to enter them in the dialog box?

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    In IE you can specify in the Internet Options under Security and Custom -&#062;Settings--&#062; User Authentification that you want to logon automatically. You can even specify that you want this login automatically to only occur for certain IP/Web addresses. This will automatically log the user in without a dialog box. <BR><BR>Netscape does not have anything that will handle this so the users will still have to key their user id and password into a dialog box.<BR><BR>NOTE: If you use Basic Authentification then both the userid and password are stored in plain text making it possible for people to view them. You could specify NT/Challenge Authentification to overcome this problem, however, Netscape WILL NOT handle it and the user will never be able to login. So, in order to have a secure login site you need to specify to your users that they can only use IE (although this may not be possible).

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