I am using Visual InterDev 6.0 to develop ASP&#039;s. On Asppage1 I have a Design TimeControl to retrieve the data from the data base. I have DTC input fields linked to the recordset to display the data. I allow the user to change the data. I then submit the form for processing to Asppage2. I Asppage2 I create another recordset for the purpose of inserting a row to the table of the database. The sql in the recordset is select * from table where key = &#039;XXX&#039;. I do this so I do not get any rows and I can insert a new row. I issue an Addnew row and then update the fields in the recordset. I Issue an update an two rows get inserted to the table. Why would there be two rows? What is the sql you would assing to a recordset if yoy are going to use it just to insert a row.<BR>Thanks