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    Sandy Breon Guest

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    I am instantiating a COM+ object from my ASP page and executing one of it&#039;s method calls from the ASP page. Inside the COM+ method, I am doing a GetObjectContext.SetComplete or GetObjectContext.SetAbort based on whether an error occurred inside the method.<BR><BR>I am getting sporadic "root transaction" errors after the method call executes in my ASP page.<BR><BR>Should I be instead doing the SetComplete or SetAbort from the ASP page itself? At that level?<BR><BR>Help!!

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    Ed Guest

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    No, those have to stay in your COM+ object...<BR><BR>I looked on the MS site and there is some documentation regarding transactions and lifecycles. I did a search on MSDN for "root transaction"... I couldn&#039;t find any specifics, but I didn&#039;t have to time to search for long. Sounds like a simple problem though... Sorry I couldn&#039;t be of much help here...

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    Sandy Breon Guest

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    Ed, thanks for your help.

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