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    I want to start a web site about all of the MS Technologies.... As well as original content I want to be able to link to other peoples too, to make a kind of central point for web developers.... I have a few ideas<BR><BR>However, Im gonna need some help doing the actual design. Ive been writing HTML for years and been doing ASP for a long while, but my sites never look quite profesional for some reason. I also have a few ideas for things but would need a lot of help with some of the ASP.<BR><BR>It could be an interesting project.... As well as something good to get on a CV..... If your interested in helping my email is ctxbsw@comp.leeds.ac.uk

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    Hi, i&#039;m Kris<BR><BR>I specialize in client-side Javascript, just started ASP, been writing (D)HTML for ages, and have a pretty-long-background in many programming languages. If you&#039;d like to see something i did, check out http://www.softsolutions.nl (yes, i&#039;m dutch :)<BR><BR>Because of privacy concerns, i can&#039;t give you a copy of my current project (it&#039;s an intranet site for a school) but i am quite familiar with CSS, and i could create a framework for your site if you&#039;d like.<BR><BR>Please contact me here or in email if you&#039;re in any way interested.<BR><BR>kind regards,<BR><BR>Kris (theKrizz@yahoo.com)

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