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    i recently upgraded the server from sql 7.0 to sql 2000 <BR><BR>when i used to acces the sql 7.0 remotely from the pc i used to get connected.. since the upgrading .. i cant set up a the win 2000 server with sql 2000 .. it says <BR>"you must upgrade ur sql enterprise manager and sql-dmo (sqlole) to sql server 2000 (sqldmo) to connect to the server."<BR><BR>now logically a sql 7.0(remote) shuld connect to sql 2000 <BR>can anyone help me out .<BR><BR><BR>thnxxx<BR>brij<BR><BR>

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    Install the 2000 Client Tools on your PC and it will work. The Client Tools (e.g., Query Analyzer) are much better in 2000, so it will be worth the effort.<BR><BR>Garth<BR>www.SQLBook.com

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