Hi-<BR>I&#039m currently having problem with session variable.<BR>Here&#039s what I&#039m trying to do:<BR>I have a page called job description that has a submit button so that user can submit their resume for that specific position.<BR>When the submit button is hit, it will check whether the value of the session variable, let just called it Session("ValidCandidate") is true. If it is true then insert Candidate_Id and Position_Id into a table called: Candidate_Position:<BR><BR>..set up recordset etc...<BR>obj.AddNew<BR>obj("Position_Id") = request("Position_Id")<BR>obj("Candidate_Id") = session("Candidate_Id")<BR>obj.Update<BR>..Clean up etc...<BR><BR><BR>If it&#039s not true then redirect them to the registration page.<BR>When they submit the form on this page, it will save the information to the database and create 2 session variable:<BR><BR>Session("ValidCandidate") = True<BR>Session("Candidate_Id") = obj("Candidate_Id")<BR><BR>After the user had successfully submitted the information on the registration page, they can go back submitted for other job.<BR><BR>So when they submitted for other job, they don&#039t need to register twice, since the value of Session("ValidCandidate") will be true and thus it will just update the Candidate_Position table with Position_Id and Candidate_Id information.<BR><BR>However, when more than one user is trying to submit for for 2nd position about at the same time (it doesn&#039t matter the same position or not) the session variable get mixed up. It will only pick the first user session variable.<BR><BR>So if the session variable value of the 1st user is 13, when another user come in and apply for a job this second user will pick the the same session variable value which is 13.<BR>So basically the 2nd user become the 1st user now.<BR><BR>Is there a way around this?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot.