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    For security reasons, I wish to remove my generic code held in my include files to some other webspace. My client wishes to have a copy of &#039;his&#039; site but I am not willing to give him the crucial code held in these includes. I&#039;ve tried to use a virtual include directive but this does not seem to work. I know COMs would be a better way of doing this but this would be a great stopgap if it works.<BR>Example: I move an include file to but the site using it is on How can I get the use of this include file across sites?

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    I&#039;m afraid that you are going to be disappointed. I believe that you would nned to map a drive letter on server to point at the folder on where the include files are stored. This would obviously not be what you are after as the client would still be able to find the code. I think that a COM is probably the best way to go.<BR><BR>You *might* be able to do some trickery whereby you store the include files as memo fields in a database and use FSO to write them to temp files on the live server whcih you could then delete once your users session expires, but I don&#039;t think the effort would be worth it.

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