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    How many application variable can be used in one ASP application?

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    It&#039;s not a matter of how many *CAN* be is how many *SHOULD* be used.<BR><BR>You *CAN* use as many as memory will allow. Which might be only one if it holds a lot of information or thousands if each holds only an integer.<BR><BR>You *SHOULD* use as few as possible, for performance reasons. But finding the right balance is more art than science.<BR><BR>Remember this: The so-called "Application Variables" are *NOT* in *any* sense variables! In actuality, you have a *collection* (an internal form of a Scripting.Dictionary), and the "names" of the "variables" are *actually* just the keys into the collection. That&#039;s all. So treat the entire collection of application "variables" as a slightly smarter Dictionary and you&#039;ll be thinking in the right direction.<BR><BR>

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