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    Manish Jain Guest

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    My application requires document sharing. For this anybody should be able to upload the word document and later on should be able to download this word document. Uploading is pretty OK. For downloading the document I use <BR>&#060;A HREF="DocumentName.doc"&#062;Document Name&#060;A&#062;<BR>It works fine with Netscape but while using IE5.0, the browser open the document in browser itself instead of saving the file on browser machine.<BR>

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    theres no way round this apart from instructing people to right click and select save target as or purchasing 3rd party software which will block this action

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    supriya Guest

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    Try using the path of the file with the file name. When you click on the link in IE5.0 it should bring up the "File Download" dialog asking the user to "open file from current location" or "save file to disk".<BR>&#060;a href="../downloads/document_name.doc"&#062;Download document&#060;/a&#062;

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