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    Hi, <BR>I am using Asp.Net & C#..<BR>Presently I am using the DataSet ... <BR><BR>DataSet ds = new DataSet(); <BR>cmd_DB.FillDataSet(ds, "myMDB_DBS"); <BR><BR>I need to get the value of one field & store it in a session variable. <BR>How do I do that ??? <BR><BR>eg. in a tabel structure such as.... <BR>id, username, password. <BR>I am using a <BR><BR>select * from myMDB_DBS where username="nicole" <BR><BR>query to filldataset. <BR><BR>How do I get the value <BR>of the password field to store into a session variable ??? <BR><BR>Please help <BR>

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    Just feeling my way around ASP.NET too but this may do what you want:<BR><BR>strPassword = cmd_DB.Tables("myMDB_DBS").Rows(0)("Password")<BR> <BR>Of course you&#039;d better check that records were returned etc. before using this.<BR>Its so hard to get help on all this stuff - is very useful but it lacks descriptions of what each class/method/property etc. acutally does. Alot of guess work and compilations has had to be my strategy so far.<BR><BR>good luck.

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