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    "I am reading requirements for jobs and they all ask for ASP. I have researched this term and have arrived at the conclusion that ASP stands for two things - the technology called active server pages AND the software made by Microsoft to create that technology. When all of these want ads are asking for ASP are they saying that they require me to know the MICROSOFT software that creates these pages OR just know how to do the technology active server pages. I would like to learn the Java way of connecting a web page to a database (this is called JDBC) because I think it may be a better way, but I don't know if that is what all of these companies want. Should I learn the Microsoft version instead? Is this what everyone wants me to know?"

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    if i read your question correctly, this is my answer:<BR><BR>ASP stands for Active Server Pages--but you have that fact...the only software needed to CREATE an ASP file is notepad or wordpad (at the minimum)...however, to HOST an ASP file you need Microsoft&#039;s PWS or IIS (IIS comes w/ Win2k and WinME, and you can get PWS through the NT Option Pack 4)...everyone wants you to know the language of ASP...which is basically VBScript, with a few other components thrown;s actually a fairly simple language at the basics, but if you really wanna jump into, it tends to get a little more complex...anyway, i think the companies require you to know the language more than anything, but know that i am not the company and your best bet is to ask the company what they want...

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