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    hi,<BR><BR>1)There are two machines(server_client) not in network. <BR>2)The client should send a request to the server & grab info and put into text file.<BR><BR>For Example:<BR> The client is sending request to and searching for information related to "Computers" & puts the search result into a text file in the client side.<BR><BR>can anyone help me in this<BR><BR>regards,<BR>prasanna<BR>

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    As you specified socket connection. What I think is that you need some kind of program running in the server machine to establish socket connection. It can be made using Java or VB. If it&#039;s java, you can use applet on client side. or VB you can use some activeX control. <BR><BR>As your need is to collect information from a site where we don&#039;t have direct permission to the server and it&#039;s settings, XML might help. I am not sure how it can be made. But there are ways to capture output after running some page and using it some where else.<BR><BR>These are only myown openion. <BR><BR>I had tried java socket programming in one site and it&#039;s working good. Just like some physical connection between two machines in a network.<BR><BR>Hope this might have given you some clue on your requirement.

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