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    I want to open a pop up window when the user clicks on the hyperlink.I gather that its possible in clientside java script.Is there any way in which i can incorporate that in server side VBScript? i am using frames so maybe by clicking on the hyperlink the other frame could possibly change? hyperlinks are generated using COM object...

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    Server side code happens on the server machine.<BR><BR>If you *COULD* get ASP to pop up a window, where would it appear?<BR><BR>Your system server administrator would get *very* annoyed with you if he/she had to start dismissing popup windows from the system console every 1.37 seconds!<BR><BR>You can use ASP code to, in turn, create HTML code that includes the JS Popup stuff. Period.<BR><BR>See also http://www.aspfaqs.com/aspfaqs/ShowFAQ.asp?FAQID=49 and<BR>http://www.aspfaqs.com/aspfaqs/ShowFAQ.asp?FAQID=112<BR>

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    Thanx a million for yer help...i kinda figured that out myself..but i was wondering if anything cud be done about the client side javascript

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