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    I have a drop down list.<BR>I want a input text box to appear besides the list if the user selects anything from the option box which has a value of 3 or 11.<BR>Also if the input box appears then the User MUST fill something in the text box.<BR><BR>not being well versed with javascript i have put this problem here.<BR>Please let me know if there is a way out.<BR><BR>

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    Default easiest way

    let the text box be there BUT it will only get "ENABLED" if you select 3 or 11 <BR><BR>R&D onblur() event

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    One problem you will have: Netscape does *NOT* allow you to hide a form field. Period. At all. If you hide a form field, then it simply isn&#039;t there. And if you un-hide it, it still isn&#039;t.<BR><BR>(If somebody can make a liar out of me on this one, I&#039;d love to hear the answer!)<BR><BR>So, indeed, simply disabling the text field is probably the best and easiest way to do this.<BR><BR>

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