Double Updates in a RecordSet

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Thread: Double Updates in a RecordSet

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    Default Double Updates in a RecordSet

    On AspPage1 I have a recordsset to retrieve data. I then change a field on the form and submit the form to another asp for processing. In AspPage2 I create another recordset issue and AddNew and set each field to a value from the form. I then do a Update of the recordset from asppage2. I get TWO rows inserted. <BR>It seems I am automatically updating the recordset from AspPage1 when I update from Asppage2.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default so it seems...

    ...well you "seem" to have answered your own question<BR><BR>good<BR><BR>now if you still are stuck post code so we will know what you are trying to to do. Post ONLY AspPage2

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