Including a file from a database.

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Thread: Including a file from a database.

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    I hope some one can help me out on this one. <BR>How can i include an HTMl or ASP file in to an ASP script but i want to get the path name dynamically from a database. i know how to get the information but i dont know the syntax to bind that variable to a include File method. <BR><BR>for examle, lets say i have a variable call IncFile assined to path comming from a database <BR>IncFile = "files/file1.asp" <BR><BR>but now how can i use this variable to display that file1.asp ? <BR><BR>i tried using <BR><BR>&#060;!-- #Include File= &#060;% IncFile %&#062; --&#062; method but no luck with it. <BR><BR>i also tried <BR><BR>Server.Execute IncFile <BR><BR>and no luck with it either, so can anyone give any tips? <BR><BR>all i wana do is to diplay a HTML file somewhere in the middle of my ASP script so if you have better ideas i LOVE to try it out ;)) <BR><BR>Thank you in advance

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