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    Raechel Ann DeLargy Guest

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    Okay Guys, why is it with all the cool stuff we can stick on a web page we still can&#039t print the darn thing out with any level of control. I work for a large bank. Lots of long, grouped, reports with columns of numbers and sub totals. The table structure would make you dizzy. <BR><BR>So tell me, without being specific to any browser, and avoiding crystal reports at all cost(it frequently overloads and brings our cluster of web servers to their knees) How do you make asp generated tables print "like word" (a phrase my client repeats to me almost daily)<BR><BR>Any feedback... greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>RA<BR>:)

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    Spooky Guest

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    One thing you could try, is use css for a page break. Its only useable in IE4 + (css2) and is done thus :<BR>&#060;head&#062;<BR>&#060;style&#062;<BR> .page { page-break-after: always }<BR>&#060;/style&#062;<BR><BR>And then , when you want the printer to start a new page, enter a paragraph marker like so :<BR><BR>&#060;p CLASS=&#039page&#039&#062;<BR><BR>HTH

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