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    I have a database results asp page that generates a report from a query in<BR>Access. In the Query I have input parameters that prompt the user for<BR>information. I need to be able to pass these parameters to the query from<BR>Front Page... I keep getting a parameters error when i run the ASP page....<BR><BR>This is the input string in the query..<BR><BR>Between [Start Date (Format = 01-Jan-01)] And [End Date (Format =<BR>30-Jan-01)]<BR><BR>How do I do this?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Tim<BR><BR>

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    BETWEEN &#039;01-01-2001&#039; AND &#039;01-30-2001&#039;<BR><BR>now you have to change the format of the date or the values in the column based on what you have it saved as

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