In a form, the user can choose from a list of items. Each item has two check boxes that must be selected. Hence, I am getting duplicate data for each selection. Is there a way to use the following code so I do not get the duplicate data? <BR><BR>for each item in request.querystring <BR>FOR intloop = 1 to Request.querystring(item).Count <BR><BR>set rs23=server.createobject("adodb.recordset") <BR>sql23="SELECT DISTINCT tagnumber,equipmentdesc,qty,units from rfqdetails WHERE buyerid=&#039;"&Session("buyerid")&"&#039; and rfqid=&#039;"&request.querystring("txtdb")(intloop )&"&#039; AND projectid=&#039;"&request.querystring("txtdb2")(in tloop)&"&#039;" <BR> sql23, conn, 3 <BR>