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    Has anyone developed a site with auction capabilities? What difficulties or complications did you encounter? Ariba and OracleExchange don't allow some of the features I'm looking for (combinatorial auctions and multi-variable bids). I am considering using IIS5 and either SQL Server or Oracle. Any advice?

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    Maybe I don&#039;t understand the question. I haven&#039;t yet seen any Auction site (even ****) that used a feature that I couldn&#039;t implement via simple old Access (or MySQL or or or). Granted, the more powerful DBs might let me do some things via complex stored procedures that I&#039;d have to do with VB or VBS code if I were using Access, but still... <BR><BR>I don&#039;t see the DB you use as a limiting factor. What, specifically, do you want to do that you don&#039;t think can be done with simpler DBs??<BR><BR>

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