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    scopeout Guest

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    How can I pass a session varialbe from 1 page to another, and If the session is not there or not valid, redirect them some where else. Im currently using something like this:<BR><BR>If Session("strValidPassWord") = " " Then<BR> Response.Redirect("home.asp")<BR>Else<BR><BR>It passes True and diplays the page, but if I copy the url and paste it back in the address box, it still shows the page, rather than redirecting then to back to the password page.

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    S Guest

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    Do a search for the 4 Guys article on password protecting your site. It uses the same logic you mention. I&#039;ve used a modified version of that on several of my sites with no problems.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Because you&#039;re checking for a space, but if the session variable is empty, it will contain the empty string ("")<BR><BR>If Session("strValidPassWord") = "" Then &#039;Should work

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