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Thread: using VB dll in ASP - create object stopped workin

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    Default using VB dll in ASP - create object stopped workin

    I have a VB dll that serves as my database tier (i.e. does all my selects, inserts and updates to my Oracle db). It was working fine with my ASP pages until I added a new routine to it and re-made the dll. It wouldn&#039t let me name it the same name (I assume because I was still referencing it in ASP)so I gave it a new name, registered it on my machine,unregistered the old dll to avoid confusion, re-referenced it in my interdev project, called Set MyObj = Server.CreateObject("NameProj.Names") (this call didn&#039t change) but I am no longer getting data back from my VB dll calls that once worked! If I go back to VB and run the routines in my test VB program, I am getting data. If I type a new line in my ASP page, "call MyObj.", I get a list of all the methods associated with the VB class, so I assume that my ASP can "see" the dll.<BR>Why would my dll no longer be getting data to my ASP page? Any Suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated - I feel like I beat this one to death!

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    Copy all the code in the dll into a new dll and paste it. Rename that dll and register the new one only. use the new dll in the asp page. It will work. I got the same problem but solved in this way. I dont know what is the reason. Pl . let me know the whether you have solved the problem or not. Mail me at<BR><BR>Prashanth

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