Hi,<BR><BR>I have imported numerous delimited text files successfully using SQL server 7.0&#039;s highly useful DTS package designer import wizard.<BR><BR>Now I have a problem importing because the date format of the text file is in the format of &#039;20000201&#039;, when I tried typing this manually into a SQL table it gives me a invalid column length/data type error. Fine! So if I type in &#039;2000/02/01&#039; manually into the table it works.<BR><BR>So what I need to do is make sure that the dates being imported are converted so they have the &#039;2000/02/01&#039; format.<BR><BR>In the DTS wizard ytou are allowed to specify an ActiveX script on how the data will be imported, I auto generated the code, and then needed to change just the information coming into the date field so it has the &#039;2000/02/01&#039; format... the code looks like this...<BR><BR><BR>DTSSource("Col005") is the info coming from the 5th column that is imported from the text file<BR><BR>DTSDestination("sOptionPrEffectiveDate ") is the column in my Database where the date will be stored<BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------<BR>theDate = DTSSource("Col005") &#039; Assign column 5 from text file<BR> &#039; to a variable <BR><BR>theYear = Mid(theDate, 1, 4) &#039; Break up the date into years, <BR>theMonth = Mid(theDate, 5, 2) &#039; months and days<BR>theDay = Mid(theDate, 7, 2)<BR><BR>finalDate = theYear & "/" & theMonth & "/" & theDay &#039; Put back<BR> &#039; together<BR> &#039; with /&#039;s<BR><BR>&#039; Assign new date format 2000/02/01 to the destination table<BR><BR>DTSDestination("sOptionPrEffectiveDat e") = finalDate <BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>When I execute the package it gives me the following error<BR><BR>-- Error at destination for row number 1. Errors encountered so far in this task: 1. Unspecified error. --<BR><BR>Please can someone help me out with this, its really bugging me and the deadline is getting nearer<BR>