Hello All,<BR><BR>I am currently considering the feasiblity of a hybrid Access/SQL Server approach for a database driven web site (where access forms are used to update the data of an SQL server queried by the web site).<BR><BR>Basically -<BR><BR>1. We have a Database X, which is the core database for the<BR> web site. This database only needs to be updated in a <BR>batch fashion, then uploaded/commited to the web site when the data has been updated and checked. <BR><BR>We dont really want to update<BR>the database directly online via ASP (or build an client server<BR>vb app etc), mainly due to the work involved in writing the GUI, and the need to check all data before &#039;uploading/commiting&#039; it.<BR><BR>Now, as we are comfortable with the speed in which access forms/etc can be written to control data entry into a database, has anyone experience/advice of using a hybrid solution where you perform form entry using an Access Front End, and the<BR>end up with an SQL database being used for queries by the web server, for better multi-user capability etc.<BR><BR>I have thought of a few ways to do this, but am looking for advice as I would think someone has maybe been through the mill here? None seem very elegant.<BR><BR>1. Create an Access DB, then upload it, and use Import from<BR>SQL Query manager to load the data into the SQL database?<BR>have to drop tables first at some point I think.<BR>2. Put an Access Front End on a local SQL Server, then upload the MDF, LDF files over the top of existing ones (probably dodgy this?)<BR>3. Create an Access Front End to a Remote DB on the server, then copy this DB over the top of the live (or export etc) one when done?<BR>4. Can replication be performed to achieve this means, even though the SQL is on an internet site?<BR><BR>Any others?<BR><BR>With all of these solutions, there is the issue of having to get the data into the web sql db at some point, and interrupting the<BR>users access to the db, not sure about how much this would disrupt, none of the data is UPDATED by the users, just READ/queried.<BR><BR>Any advice would be appreciated,<BR>Regards,<BR>Matt<BR><BR>MWaring@be ntos.force9.co.uk