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    Master Details Records<BR>Anyone come up with a nice way to view Master/Details records on a web page. Showing the master/detail is simple what I want to do is simulate the forms in Access. Move the master record, refresh the page and the detail record changes.

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    &#062;Move the master record<BR>where do you want to move it form and to where ???<BR><BR>Are you saying you are using access as your front end too and you wnat to now do this in ASP??<BR><BR>I really do not understand what you want...could you please be a bit clearer

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    I want to display (on a single web page) The record from the one side of a ONt to Many Relationship and the Many Side of the Relationship<BR><BR>If the user move the One sided record forward the related Many sided records match. <BR><BR>I also want a facility to Add the many record and edit both records.<BR>Thanks

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