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    What is the code to reload a page in asp??<BR><BR>I have a page that links to an asp page<BR>In the first page I am using VBSCript and am saying <BR>document.location="x.asp"<BR>however while it works, the asp page won&#039;t relaod if I go back to it with different search criteria. So I am tryign to put a line of code at the top of hte asp page to reload on invoking it

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    Put this at the top of your ASP page.<BR>&#060;%Response.Expires = 0%&#062;<BR>This causes cached pages to expire immediately<BR><BR>To reload a page using client side scripting use:<BR>...<BR>location.reload(1)<BR>...<BR><BR>Th is forces an unconditional HTTP GET of the document from the server.<BR>

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